Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Birthdays and Glitter

I have decided we should have parties more often, the bathrooms are clean, windows washed and our house very tidy!  As well as all that, lots of happy kids and the birthday girl ( actually her birthday was some time ago but thats another story) is pretty happy with some new toys/gifts - one of which is a craft book with some great ideas.

Reading up for some new projects

So today while I was busy in the kitchen she spent a happy hour with glue, stickers, pens making some great glittery creations. Her book also has some good ideas for Silhouettes - thinking this may look good on some cushions so may have to start on the pile of blankets in my linen cupboard soon. I have done a little crafting myself too and made progress on photo albums  - so much so that I have run out of some supplies ie photo stickers so will have to halt this one until I get more ( and find some more free time!)

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