Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dortje Pants

In the middle of a pretty busy weekend I managed to finish these little pants that I started a week ago.  The pattern is the Dortje pants from the book "Sewing Clothes that Kids Love" which I mentioned in an earlier post here. It has a little elastic at the side of the knees so it sits and moves well on the child.

Sewing for me is like a good book - once I start I find it hard to put down, so here I was  (having done a 2 hour mt bike race in the morning, playground all afternoon before dinner out) at midnight finishing them off! So this morning I packed my sewing machine away. Because I sew at the kitchen table I find it hard to resist doing "just a little bit" every free moment - consequently the house gets the hurricane look as clean washing waits to be folded, beds need to be made - you get the picture ( I do make meals and do dishes but non essentials wait).  Also because I am holding a very belated 4yr old party in 2 days I need to get a little organised!

We also took our 4 yr old rockclimbing on a local boulder for the first time today - which she loved! It was lots of fun, she just took to it and scrambled up, no fear at all, she did the same climb about 5 times because it was so much fun.  I thought she might be a bit young but was so keen to try - I'm glad we took her.

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