Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Natural Dyed Eggs

After reading SouleMamas blog I thought we would have a try at dying some decorative eggs.  It was a somewhat messy but fun affair. 

The colours don't show up very well, they are much more distinct colours in the real but with fading light I had to use the flash. We used frozen blueberries for the blue, tumeric for the yellow (most effective) and coffee for the brownish colours.   Possibly because we started with brown eggs and (being a little impatient) we did not leave for more than 30 minutes in the dyes we have quite muted colours.  I hard boiled the eggs first as I figured they would be easier for a 4 year old to handle (& not so messy if dropped!) Twistable crayons worked well and were easy to write with.  Next time I'd like to get hold of some of the India Tree natural dyes that Soule mama mentioned in her blog - I suspect these would be better for those of us who like instant gratification!

Several hours later.....

Yes - soaking for longer has definately strengthened the colour - I threw 2 eggs back into the blueberry and coffee mix respectively for a few hours and both much stronger colour.

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