Monday, 18 April 2011

Paper Craft for Easter

After a busy weekend away with lots of sport but no craft, we spent some of our morning making some Easter cards/decorations.

We used some lovely patterned Japanese cellotape that we picked up on a trip ealier this year to stick a few strips down with too ( The pink and blue clothes lines and the black fairy scene on the pink background are all tape).The paper was all in a cheap scrapbooking pack from the Warehouse, useful to have lying around as we use it in all sorts of things over the school holidays.

After doing a few eggs we played around with rabbits too.

Then we got sick of cutting and glueing and did some colouring.  This is a good project to do with preschoolers, I ended up cutting most of the strips and around the shapes but glueing all the bits seemed to be the most fun part for a 4 year old.  I also managed to start a project off my list  (I always find it hard to start something I know will take more than an evening) - I spent about 2 hours tonight doing photo albums - only about a quarter of the way through so might be a while before I post the finished result!

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