Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 6 & 7 of KCWC and new trousers

Day 6 and 7 of the sewing challenge turned into a blur of what Georgie calls her "rainbow trousers", which I have just finished tonight - another pair of Dortje pants from the book - sewing clothes kids love

I used a new cotton tea towel for the stripes, I am hoping it will be hardwearing as these pants are for kindy.  I know the cotton will fade but am not too worried about that.  Phew - lots of sewing in the last week as managed 3 of the 4 projects I had planned but the last two were quite time consuming so the skirt will have to wait a few weeks.

Not part of the challenge but I also managed to finish the  necklace above that I had on my list - a free one from the Amy Butler Web site

Now I need to get back to the other projects I have on the go - a 1/2 made knitted vest, a photo album in progress and I need to start on a brooch for the swap I am participating in.  I also want to do a bit more sewing with my 4 yr old - the sewing cards we made have had lots of use and I think we are ready to move on - so I have a little project planned for a quiet afternoon. 


Sarah said...

They are so cute!!! Well done on your achievements this week.

So far I haven't managed to make anything over the weekend as we've been busy, but I may carry on into next week as I have some other things I want to get made.

Miko said...

You are so inspiring. At present I'm at the 'get lots of craft books out of the library and stare at them' - but I have just bought a new one in the paper plus 25% of craft books sale - so perhaps I can 'get crafty' soon too!

stitchandpurl said...

Oh I love the trousers - I'm sure all the other kids will want a pair too! :)