Sunday, 22 May 2011

On going projects

Having recovered from the sewing challenge I  tackled the spare room, it looked like this post the sewing
challenge - mmm not a pretty sight - my dumping ground to keep the rest of the house liveable.
.  Thankfully it's now is back to this

 - amazing how quickly you can tidy when relatives call to say they are coming to visit!

So with the domestics back in order I can start work on a few other projects on the go:
Two little doll front packs for my daughter and a friends 4 year old that we are to stay with soon - from the Oliver and S sewing little things - see earlier posts on little red riding hood cape.  I know it looks odd but once buttons and velcro in place I will post a picture of it in action as it's hard to imagine final form looking at it like this.

A brooch for the brooch swap - started last night as realised I only have a few weeks to make it in - no pictures as want to keep it a surprise for the receiver - so in case they drop by my blog won't post a picture until it's finished and sent.

The ongoing vest that I started knitting last winter  - slowly it is growing and  a scarf for dolly - with help from a 4yr old winding the wool around the needle - it's slow and a bit messy but fun.

Lastly the Liverpool - Amy Butler dress I am making at sewing classes  - I think that's enough for now, hopefully will finish one of the above soon.


Baby By The Sea said...

I can so relate. Whenever I'm done sewing, my room looks crazy. Our sewing room doubles as a guest room and nap room for my four year old (who likes to nap downstairs).

floatingworld said...

Ha, so glad I am not the only person who has a Room of Chaos.
I am going to make the bear carrier too, my son has requested one after flipping through Little Things to Sew :)