Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Over the past couple of day's I've managed to finish a couple of projects.

Firstly the doll front pack carrier
It has only been in use today and has been very popular.  I used buttons on all the fastenings instead of velcro as the pattern used on the lower straps - just because I thought velcro would come undone with all the running and jumping that goes on here! It has a couple of size adjustments to fit different dolls and growing child etc. I also finished the red knitted dolls scarf - if you look closely in the above photo you will see baby wearing it.

We also did another child sewing project and made this little rabbit cushion ( We have been reading The Velveteen Rabbit - hence a rabbit fascination at the moment)

It was a little tricky for small hands as even with a sharp needle required some force to push it through the felt - so I held the fabric tight ( and got the odd needle stab in the process - oh well part of learning and no blood drawn so all ok) , this made it much easier to stitch and she is pretty pleased with the end result.  I have just seen a post on sewing school here for a cool spider web from a paper plate so think we will try that next as looks like a nice easy 4 year old style project.  All in all a couple of very productive days and I have almost finished a brooch for the brooch swap that Susie at flower press here has organised - very pleased about this as I am a last minute person so it will be nice for a change to have it complete with plenty of time to post.

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Amie Plumley said...

Love the little rabbit - so cute! I started my daughter sewing by holding the fabric taut for her. Pretty soon she'll get the hang of it and will be an independent sewer!