Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rhythm upset

Just when you get a nice little routine going it all changes.  With one child and part time work I have had the luxury of cultivating morning sleep in's for my girl and I - how many other small kids do you know that routinely walk up after 8.30 am most days!  I am most definitely a night owl and last weeks sewing challenge did not help my sleep habits. Well with the start of morning kindy this week and 8.30 start time our daily rhythm is all mucked up! - result - both of us a bit grumpy and it is only day 2 of the new routine.  Of course the other family member aka Dad/husband thinks it is only fair since he always gets up early and often leaves the house before we wake - no sympathy from him.

Unfortuntely our kindy has no option for part time or shared position's so its a 5 day thing.  As you can tell I have mixed feelings about the 20hrs at kindy a week - while it's nice to have more time for me I didn't actually feel I needed it so have a bit of mother guilt going about not spending the time with my baby. On the up side I guess we do get some  uninterrupted afternoons at home ( not rushing and usually late trying to get somewhere) so am hoping to do a little more time doing craft and going to the park in the warmer winter afternoons.  Mmmm - will  give it a few weeks before I look at other options.

After the sewing frenzy our spare room is hard to get into for piles of stuff so in order to tame the chaos I went and bought an organiser box for my reels of thread - but as usual the best toys are imagination and house hold objects! First it got cleaned with my fancy silicone pastry brush then it became a Zoo.

Eventually I was allowed, several days later, to reclaim it for it's original purpose.

Now I have had a few days without sewing I have the urge for some easy projects over the weekend - a doll's front pack from the Oliver &S book is first on the list.

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Kt said...

That is imagination! Those compartments look perfectly sized for a zoo though! Thanks for your comment by the way. I'll keep my eyes open for when you cut you book up!