Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sewing class

For the first time in many years I have enrolled in a sewing class - 1 night a week you take your project and machine and the instructor helps out as needed.  Last night was the first class - I had puchased this lovelyAmy Butler fabric
. With this dress pattern in mind

 -alas not to be - what I hadn't realised was the fabric is not symmetrical , plus with the addition of darts etc the pattern on the front panels would get all skewed and loose the effect I was after. When I laid the patternout on it , with such a big bold print I could see how it was not going to work as I wanted it to. So after much deliberation I purchased some new much smaller print and symmetrical fabric to make the tunic out of as unfortantely did not have a big enough piece in my stash for this pattern. I like quick and easy patterns and so I thought this one was a good challenge for a sewing class as it was a bit more complicated than my usual sewing.

One sewing class down and the tunic is cut out of the new fabric.  Now just not sure what to make of the medium weight fabric which I have 2.5m of - maybe a roman blind for the spare room? maybe a skirt?

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Miko said...

That material is gorgeous! A skirt would be lovely, or maybe a good tote!