Monday, 27 June 2011

My smock from Sewing Class

Six weeks of weekly sewing lessons and I finally finished my tunic top - an Amy Butler pattern called the liverpool dress, I got the fabric from our local shop where the classes are held .  Yeh - another finished project from my list.  It fits well and I would say is true to size for the measurements.  I made the 3/4 sleeve tunic length version.

(the sleeves are acutally the same length just hanging lop sided on the hanger)
 I haven't worn it yet but tried it on to show my husband and he said " oooh its a smock - looks like it is straight out of the seventies"  mmm thanks honey "acutally it's a tunic and yes it's quite a retro fabric"- anyway I'm happy and I don't listen to his fashion advice usually anyway!

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