Thursday, 9 June 2011

Small Things

Finally some colder weather has arrived and with it a bit more indoor time in the mornings.
We have been enjoying the following small craft and cooking :

1. Home made bread

"Busy Peoples bread" has become a firm favourite in our household, from Annabel Langbein - The free range cook. Firstly I can make it from start to finish in 1 hour - rises in the oven, 2. It takes like Vogels 3. It keeps really well, 4. It's a double recipe so is enough for us for almost 4 days.

2. Baking _ good old fashion biscuits: I just got Ladies , a Plate- traditional home baking by Alexa Johnson out of our local library and made the Spicy Crisps biscuit recipe - yum yum yum, good old fashioned baking, G loves helping and actaully can help ( well sort of it's a little messy but she did measure butter mix and do dishes - it's a great start)

3. Paper Craft : Why is that 4 year olds like to collect boxes - our house is littered by them - especially small ones.  So I decide they may as well look good so we covered a large match box with pretty paper - a joint project - I cut and G glued - she is very happy with the result and now wants to cover everything within sight!

4. Chinese paper Lanterns: We were given 2 of these - balloons that you light a little impregnated cardboard underneath which heats the balloon - fantastic fun on a cold calm night- check out our This moment tomorrow.

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