Monday, 20 June 2011

We made a Plurbit

After a trip to the park this afternoon we had a bit of quiet time at home and we made a Plurbit.

The request was acutally for a teddy but when we looked through the book - "Softies( - 22 friends for you to knit, sew and crochet" published by Penguin.) it was this Plurbit that caught her eye so I did the sewing and G chose the colours for the felt and the threads. All up it took and hour to make and we are both happy with the finished teddy/Plurbit.

We also had time to make some Aromatic playdough that Megan at Mousehouse posted a recipe for over here for sensory play dough.  It worked really well , although I did accidentally go a bit overboard on the peppermint oil so had to make another batch of that as the first was so strong it was hard to smell anything else. I used some natural colour that I found in the supermarket so the colours are subtle too and there was no blue.  We used Rose oil , lavender and lemon balm as our scents.

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