Monday, 13 June 2011

Yes a finished project - the holiday Album

When we first went to Japan in January 2010 I collected lots of stickers to make a holiday photo album for my daughter , a trip later and I collected more stickers and over this last weekend I finally finished it  18 months after the first trip so a while in the making.  Not a big job but I had to do it all in the evenings when she was asleep as the stickers would have never made it to the album otherwise.
Here are a few sample pages:

It's a cheap old fashioned album I picked up in a sale and then printed matt photos with a border and  used some stickers and rail passes etc so it is a simple scrap book style. You can't see them well but some of the stickers are so beautiful and 3 D , a few I also bought on etsy as I ran short .  I have seen some beautiful digital albums but haven't quite got that organised - would be interested to hear which site people find most user friendly? In the mean time I am happy with our holiday record and pleased I have ticked another unfinished project off the list.

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Miko said...

This is gorgeous. I can see why you are so connected with Japan! The photos are fab and you've just displayed them in a way your family will love looking at for years to come.
I've been using for my digital albums. I find them pretty good (with limits) as I can move photos, add captions, change layouts and backgrounds. we've got 4 albums (I do one each November), and they also have good deals occassionaly on the books (sometimes up to 40% off).