Monday, 25 July 2011

Easy machine Applique Tutorial

1.The first step is to find a simple design, I used a picture from a magazine but lots of books like Meg mcElwee's Sew Liberated, or sites like Martha Stewart have a lot of free templates.  Alternatively you can purchase templates on etsy , here is one of my favourite sellers.

2.Draw/trace and cut out shapes for each part - I use kitchen baking paper as it's a bit more durable than tissue.

3. Next use vliesofix/bondaweb or similar iron on adhesive and place sticky side down on the back side of your fabric and either  iron this on by placing the iron directly onto the paper visafix backing or flipping it over and iron through the front side of your fabric.( Avoid getting any sticky stuff on your iron as it's really hard to remove - I often use a thin piece of cotton between the the visafix paper and my iron to stop any stray sticky bits from the sides getting on the iron)

4. Then cut out the shapes remember to check the orientation of the shape especially if cutting from the back side.

5. Next peel off the paper backing of the visafix and place pieces on the fabric which the applique will sit.  If you want to applique onto an already complete garment I would recommend making your applique on a light piece of cotton first and then cut out closely around the edge and fixing the finished piece on - it's much harder to get a tidy finish if you can't manoever your presser foot easily .

6. Set the machine on a narrow zigzag stitch with a short stitch length.  I use a stitch width of 2 and a stitch length of 0 on my old Benina 931.  An applique or wide mouth foot is really useful here as you can easily see where you are stitching

7. Sew the bottom pieces first and layer as you go. You will see here I haven't zigzagged the inner edges of my pieces as they will be covered under the body of the rocket.

You can either use contrasting or matching thread - your choice. The hardest bit is the corners - I put the needle down and then lift the presser foot up and swing the piece around the corner and put it down again.

Continue to iron on and then sew the pieces in layers until finished.  I sewed the blue dots on the rocket last but if you are using thick fabric you may want to attach them to the grey rocket before the grey fabric has vliesofix attached (to avoid sewing through too many layers).

Pull all the threads through to the back as you go , knot and cut off excess threads.  Then continue on and finish the rest of your project! In this case a library book bag.  Hopefully this tutorial makes sense - please feel free to put extra tips in the comments or ask questions.

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Stacey said...

Hi and thanks for sharing this.

I was wondering all this week how I might applique a dinosaur for a dino-obsessed four year old girl's birthday.