Thursday, 21 July 2011

Gifts bags

This week I've done a bit more sewing, firstly a library book bag for a 6 yr old nephew's birthday

The pattern is from the Sew mama sew blog here, it's a really easy free tutorial, the 2nd picture is the button on the library card pocket on the strap in case you are wondering. I was asked about how I applique with the machine and so took photo's as I made it and will write a tutorial for easy machine applique in the next week.

The 2nd bag I made was another even easier one from the Martha Stewart site here, there was a video also which made the instructions much easier to understand. 

I had intended it to be for me - I was thinking for car keys, phone and $ when going out for dinner etc, unfortunately I think I didn't print it out at the recommended 200% as it's really tiny - perfect 4yr old size so it's been claimed for carrying small treasures already. (being small also made sewing the curves at the end really tricky so I'm going to try enlarging a bit and will make another) .

I then was given some red velvet fabric ( it had a big chunk damaged on the edge by transport) when I went into my local fabric shop last week to buy buttons and so tonight I made a play cape from the book Growing up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. It took just over an hour from tracing the pattern to sewing the button on- instant gratification  ( except that the free velvet fabric was actually really horrible stuff to sew, so I won't be buying any more!) Picture to come tomorrow.

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meg said...

What awesome bags! My boys have library bags which are badly in need of replacement... this bag may be the one.