Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sewing Frenzy

Over the past week or so I have had a little sewing binge - firstly a little dress for a 2 year old birthday

Having learnt some new tips for applique at my sewing class and inspired by the Sew Liberated book by Meg McElwee I got last week - I then made a bigger version of this dress with butterflies for my 4 year old.

( sorry i took the photo of this dress and the skirt below at night with a flash so quality is not as good)

I then made another Insa skirt for a niece's birthday from the book - Sewing clothes that kids love.

I was about to put away my machine but have  just remembered that I need to make something for a nephew about to turn 6 soon. I have been trying to make as many gifts as I can this year but am a bit stuck on what to make a small boy - maybe a bag of some sort? - I did think about knitting a hat but at my rate that would take several months and I only have a week.  Any ideas as to what I can make? - remembering it is mid winter here . 


embracingitall said...

I love the dresses and the skirt. I'm sure they will be well loved. Jacinta

Baby By The Sea said...

'Sew' impressed. The appliques are so fantastic. The bunny is my favorite. Dresses in that style are so great -- the style is so lasting even when they grow bigger, it still fits as a cute dress. Nice work.

inner pickle said...

I LOVE the Insa skirt!! I've made two for a four year old so far, and they are her favourites, even after a year. We love that book!!!