Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hand made gifts

When I was a child my Aunt made us fabric boxes with patchwork tops one Christmas.  I have always treasured mine, as did my sisters, and still keep my jewellery in it beside my bed.

30 plus years later it's getting a bit faded but still in good condition.

A couple of months ago the same Aunt visited and my daughter came out with my box to ask if she was the person who made it.  She must have been pleased to see I still had it and that my daughter knew where it had come from because last week this one arrived in the mail for my daughter .

Especially made in G's favourite colours of pink and purple and insdie the lid she has stitched this little dragonfly

Isn't it a beautiful and special gift.  It's definately G's favourite treasure box and now lives beside her bed too. I've tried hard this year to make as many gifts handmade as I can, now it's August I need to start thinking about xmas in order to get some things made in time.  Any ideas for what to make fashion/label conscious teenage boys welcome.

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