Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Snowy day Craft

Another snowy morning so we did some winter paper craft


 Silhouette Scenes ( actually the tree and the bird were also supposed to go in the circle but I drew them a little big and they were a bit tricky for a 4 year old to cut out so she did the top ones (rabbits behind the grass in case you were wondering), and I did the bottom. From a book we were given called 100 things to make and do.

Crochet - yes I started to learn last night - these are my practice single and double crochet squares aka dolls blankets (apparently). I started by looking at youtube but got frustrated as variable quality and everyone showed a different technique. In the end I went to http://www.craftsy.com/ and purchased the crochet lab online course with Vickie Howell  - it is great, really easy to follow along and see how to do it and you get links for free patterns etc - well worth the $$ to save me the frustration. Not quite up to the crochet flowers stage yet but can see it is possible.

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