Thursday, 8 September 2011

Another day another smock

Well technically it's a tunic - a Sew liberated schoolhouse tunic, but I like the word smock.

I also like the way this photo shot upward makes me look tall (I'm not!)

It's a super easy pattern which I made just 2 modifications to (couldn't help myself), firstly I just faced all around the neck line rather than do the bias binding across the back as the pattern details, I also ran a strip of elastic across the back seam allowance where the skirt part meets the bodice  - just to give it a little more of a tailored fit. 

Here is a close up of the front detail

I might make a more subtle version - this is very bright and I am sure will attract bees if I stand in our garden.  I think it would look good in a softer fabric too.


Leah said...

Absolutely love your smock! Love that word too!!! Fabulous fabric and brilliant pattern. Putting that elastic on the back is such a great idea too. I will have to remember to take photos of myself from that angle - anything to look taller!! Have a fab week.

Tricia said...

Looks great! I've got that pattern and have been planning to make that top for ages. You've inspired me to do it sooner rather than later. thanks :-)

Baby By The Sea said...

Um, totally cool. Great smock. Fabulous fabric.