Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Baby Quilt and a Hamster

Instead of the planned spring dress I made this little blanket for a friend's new baby boy.

I saw one made by Megan at Mousehouse which I really liked so I followed her links to a tutorial.  It was about 3 hrs in total to make up.  Mine has smaller squares as I had just 25cm of each fabric so each square was approx 12cm. I used a cotton batting between the layers to keep it light and easy to wash. It ended up being about 75cm x60cm - good for prams, in cars or as a play mat. Don't  look too closely - it's not perfect but that's what handmade is about and I am sure the boy using it won't notice.

The latest issue of Mollie Makes Magazine (here) turned up and G requested a hamster ( not that she has even seen one as we don't have these in NZ) - it's pretty tiny - about 5cm long .

Loving this magazine and all the links to crafty blogs - not enough hours in the day

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