Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Creative Organisation

This week included a couple more projects to help keep control of "little things" and paper.  The first was an Alphabet Box - while I like the idea that it's educational I also really like that it gives us somewhere to put all those small things 4 year olds seem to love to collect.

I had seen the idea a while ago here at pinkandgreenmama and then last week Megan at Mousehouse posted her ABC box.  Ours looks very similar - in fact I only noticed now when I linked to Mousehouse  that I even happened to choose the same letters from the warehouse for ours.

S is for Sheep, suitcase, sun, scissors and surf board

C is for clothes peg, carrot, cabbage, crayon and comb

All the stuff in ours was lying around the house , I'm also going to keep an eye out in the shops for a letter set to put into the drawers as Pink and Green mama has done. So far it's a hit with G and I'm liking having a home for those items I keep tripping over.

The Other project was to organise the art paper and tonight I finished sewing a paper storage hanger.  I had seen a wall hung one in the Playful learning book by Mariah Bruehl which I liked.  Only problem was that we don't have much spare wall space so I made one to hang over the back of a dining chair.

I made little plastic windows for the name cards edged with bias binding.  If you have ever tried to combine bias with plastic sheet you will understand their slightly wonky placement .

I'm intending for unused paper and projects in action to both go in here - yet to be used so I'll have to see how it goes. An added bonus is that it used up some of my fabric stash that is threatening to take over the spare room.

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Steffi said...

Great idea and you are very creative!Nice blog!