Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bike Bling

My matt grey Santa Cruz, Juliana bike has been perfectly good for several years.  I liked it's understated colours and the way that only those who were "into bikes" knew it was a nice bike.  That is until I did a girls mountain bike trip earlier in the year and I saw the new Chocolate brown metallic coloured bike ridden by a friend with the gold cables - yes gold how cool is that. ( When I was telling my husband about it he said - what type of bike was it ? I couldn't tell him I only noticed the bling!).

I still love my bike and how it handles but I wanted bike bling too, suddenly my grey with black cables just wasn't enough.  So I checked out metallic cable covers only to discover the red ones I liked were seriously expensive.  Instead I opted for matt red - much cheaper -better but not enough so then I got new handle bar grips - shiny grey with red metallic ends - yep much better.

Now if you're not into bikes you probably don't get this but it's a bit like the fabric or wool stash - once you start looking at new stuff it's hard to resist. My husband is not a shopper at all - Mr minimalist - my junk drives him to distraction but new toys well that's a different matter. He noted my sudden interest in bike stuff and so this weekend I got an early birthday present - more bike bling - check these out.

What are they you ask - these are my new floating brake rotors (discs) - pretty cool huh - yes the middle parts are pink.
The other option was some skull ones - also very cool but not floating so apparently that was the selling point on these - I'm happy. He also got me some new bright red flat pedals - yet to try - I need shin guards first ( big spiky things to help you stay on the pedal apparently hard on your shins) - I usually ride with cleats so will take me a bit to get used to.

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