Monday, 10 October 2011

Birthday sewing

Last week Georgie asked if I could please make her a new dress to wear to her Granny's birthday - a reasonable request I thought so I made the kimono modkid pattern up that I had planned as spring sewing.

Now I had intended to take photos of her in it at the Birthday but alas a major melt down occurred , (as a result of a cold and lack of sleep).  She put the dress on ( all seemed fine - admired by cousins and aunt - G happy) and we drove to the lovely vineyard venue. Walking down the path she suddenly turned and ran screaming back to the car - who knows how a 4 year old brain works?.  It transpired that she had decided she did not like this dress and could not possibly wear it??????, so for the sake of peace and a nice party I changed her into another dress (luckily there was one in her bag as we had been on a sleepover at my sisters that night). Later in the afternoon she did decide to put it on for 2 minutes to show Grandma but there was no way she would have a photo taken. So there we are - you just get the above pictures.

It was a great pattern ( 2 evenings of sewing - would be quicker if you buy bias rather than make as I did)although I think makes up quite roomy.  I made the size 5 and what I thought were 3/4 sleeves as I made them shorter than the pattern -and they are still almost full length.  Although G is not quite 5 and is petite I was hoping for room for growth which we definately have. The sash pulls it in heaps so it is still wearable but next time I will make it the same length but a smaller size.

However big may be good as it might be a while before she decides it is wearable and I might even get a photo of it on!

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barefoot mama said...

What a sweet dress! Barefoot Mama