Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mollie Makes Coin Purse

I subscribed to Mollie Makes magazine from the UK several months ago- it's a fantastic visual craft magazine if you haven't seen it and today I saw it was available in Whitcoulls here. Each issue now comes with a craft kit - last months was a coin purse

I decided that I would rather use my own fabric so embroidered a piece of linen for one side and used an offcut of canvas I had for the other side. I merrily started using the (very brief) instructions in the magazine and all seemed fine until I tried to push the folded top edges into the clasp - 20minutes later ( and more than a bit cross !) I went on a google search.  I discovered that others too had found the instructions pretty inadequate too , Kerry at verykerryberry had recommended U-handbag. This is a great site for bag making with - I lined mine and used her method to fix the clasp - way  way better instructions.

Mine is a little wonky ( thats what happens when your 4 yr old tries to help you while you are handling toxic type glue and trying to do it in a hurry) and very small as I did not have extra fabric to recut with.
I recommend using U-handbag instructions if you want to make this bag.

I also made this little bag with a zip

Much easier - I found a free tutorial - sorry can't remember the blog name , again a bit wonky but 4 year olds don't care and it only took about 20 minutes to sew together.

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Baby By The Sea said...

Love it. What a cool magazine to subscribe to. Awesome little project. I just love sewing tiny things.