Monday, 28 November 2011

Blossom blouses

This week I made up two versions of the Sew liberated (see here from the first book) - blossom blouse

Another nightie for G - pretty much the same as the first one

It's a cute flannel print I got from Sew Pretty (here),I'm super impressed with the prompt service and great range of fabrics, I have a few other bits of fabric I bought which I am planning on turning into xmas gifts soon.

I also finally got around to turning some stash fabric into a summer blouse for me - I used the adult blossom blouse pattern but modified it a bit to try to make a similar version of a favourite in my wardrobe. 

It sort of worked?  I wanted a more rounded neckline and slightly longer sleeves than I ended up with. Also the quilting cotton fabric is a little stiff , my original top is made of a fine lawn and sits a little better so I am hoping this will soften a bit with washing . On the plus side it was really quick to make , so I might try again with some lawn in a pale green print that I have in my stash.

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