Monday, 7 November 2011

Super speedy dress

Last week I had a bit of a blog holiday when we went to stay with friends in Dunedin. In between visiting Museums, the cadbury chocolate factory and the swimming pool we squeezed in a quick visit to spotlight for a stockup.

All sorts of crafty tools for xmas projects - was a good thing that I had a 4 yr old in tow as it limited my time in this shop - so much amazing xmas stuff in store already.

We also managed to do a spot of op shopping in some of the small towns on the way

Georgie is pretty pleased with this  - apparently it's the perfect mini flower vase.

If you were wondering about the post title - this is what I made with some of the above fabric.  I managed to find my machine  tonight in  the piles of washing that a week away generates ,to make this little dress.

Easy easy easy, I cut a pattern off a borrowed dress - this looks very long so I may need to shorten it tomorrow after a try on. If you are a novice this is a great dress -  and if you need a pattern there are lots  around like this one that I saw on etsy.  Just looking at my big pile of new fabric - going to be lots of work in the next few weeks turing it into some summer clothes for my girl and I.

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