Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Things you can't capture on camera:

The sleepy realisation that your 4 yr old is awake at 5am on Christmas morning
The relief that she has gone back to sleep in your bed rather than get up and check out the Santa loot
The excitement on her face when she finds (at the reasonable time of 7.30am) the pink two wheeled scooter she wanted so much
The sound of excited kids gathering in the cul de sac outside to play with new toys
The smell of the turkey cooking
The laughter around the table
The taste of fresh strawberries , cream and home made meringues
The contentment as you sit after lunch in the warm sun outside ( Southern hemisphere thing!)
More excitment as presents from family are opened
The peace in the evening when visitors have gone home and the 4yr old is in bed asleep wearing the new nightie you made her for Christmas.

Camera captures:

New scooter, new mama made clothes

Late night xmas eve crafting to gift to a friend. (Apple pot mitts - link to pattern here on an older post)

Boxing day dress, because I am on a sewing roll.

Scooter adventures

Hope your Christmas was a good one too.

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Old Maid New said...

so intriguing for me to see what Christmas in New Zealand is like...thanks for sharing! Even if I did see it all a bit late.