Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Easy Xmas crafting

Over this week we have done some easy decorations for gifts and around the house.

Junk mail snowflakes seen here, our one here is behind the sunscreen. Michele on her blog has lots of fantastic ideas for recycled gifts and decorations - many of which you will have all the supplies for without needing to head to the shops.

We also made a few of these felt ornaments for both our tree and gifts - super easy just a couple of seams, cutting and glue.  I got the idea from here, I did one of their crochet tutorials which was really good and got a 50% off offer after that so signed up for the Fab Holiday felt one - I have yet to watch it all yet but it definatley had ideas I will use.

I also did a little late night sewing and made this simple skirt for a gift - a long rectangle with a seam up the back and elastic waist with a few iron in appliques and some braid - 1/2 an hour to make. I still have a few more last minute gifts to make , all easy but probably no more blog posts till after xmas.

Merry Christmas

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Megan said...

lovely makings! I so want to make a skirt like that soon, yours looks gorgeous!