Thursday, 15 December 2011

I've been sewing - can you tell?

Over the past few evenings I've had a sewing binge - the result - our spare room looks like this!

So far I've made all 5 of the smaller cousins gifts - I've not yet decided what to do about the teenagers?
First up are the 2 Oliver and S bucket hats I made for the 6 yr old boys

Both have world map fabric on the outside, for the inside I used different fabrics so the kids don't get them muddled up when together

I like this pattern so have plans for a few more - this was the larger 6-8yr old size. It was pretty easy just needed a bit of tweaking to get the brim to fit - it takes 2-3 hrs to complete a hat - the top stitching takes the most time.

Just so you know I don't sew in a tip all the time - this is the room post a late night clean up

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Megan said...

you should see my craft desk, i have to shove stuff aside just to use my sewing machine! love those hats, thats another project I want to have a go at some time. Love the map fabric!