Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A unfortunate (sewing) experiment

I think I need an "everything dress" in my wardrobe.  A dress I  can wear to weddings, work functions, dinners -not a little black dress but the day time equivalent. I've had this discussion with several friends recently - it needs to be knee length, flowing fabric, can be worn in winter with leggings and a long sleeve top under it or with a jacket or cardi. It also needs to in a plain colour or small print - nothing that stands out too much as then no one will notice when you wear it multiple times.  Sounds like a tall order huh - but I know girls that have one in their wardrobe.

So I went on a shopping trip recently on a rare child free afternoon.  I rather hopefully tried all the chain stores hoping for something not too expensive - no luck.  I then decided to see what was in a designer store I rarely enter - too pricy and not the sort of thing I need much of.  I grabbed a couple of dresses off the rack to try on (noting they were not too expensive although a bit more than I had hoped to pay)

I'd just put the first one on when the sales assistant suggested I step outside the cubicle to look in the large mirror - she then looked me up and down and said -

" Your wearing your best sports bra are you?"
Me: "mmm no " ( I was a bit taken aback and did not mention that acutally it was my best one I had only just bought last week when I realised all my pre baby bra's were a bit ill fitting - now my baby is almost 5!)

She then stepped forward and grasped the bra straps and pulled upward and said
" well you need something with a bit more lift for this dress"
me "oh, well I'm not sure I like this dress anyway"

I then proceeded to try on the next dress, and some others the assistant bought in for me - all of which were double the price of the ones I chose and accompanied with helpful (not!)comments like
"well your not wearing any make up are you and you would need to with that dress"  and
" oh you are are lot smaller than you look aren't you"

Just as my ego had just about had enough I did find one I liked - a simple slip type dress in a lovely soft, light flowing fabric with a belt which gave it some shape - but with a $400NZ price tag - expensive enough to make a woman who sews have a good long look at it before looking at her watch and declaring she had to go and would think about it.  Truth be known if the assistant hadn't been so rude I may have bought it knowing I hate sewing sheer fabrics.  Instead I headed to the fabric store for a pattern and a plan to transform the green silk in my stash into an everything dress.

Two evenings later and the dress was made - but unfortuately it's not what I had hoped
no not impressed,looks frumpy not drapy so I tried putting button holes either side of the front so the sash ran behind the front like the one I liked in the shop

mmm - no worse, so I tried using the sash differently

aside from the very unflattering photo's I think this was better but it's just too big and I think the pattern needs a viscose or very drapey type fabric so this one is not going to stay in my wardrobe. I'm going to see if it's better on my sister who is a size bigger than I am and continue my search for the perfect dress.


becoming claudine said...

Oh, I am so sorry! But this post had me laughing out loud -- I so totally relate.

Trying clothes on post-motherhood is basically my least favorite activity! And considering that it is usually the rare time that I am kid-free for a bit, I should be enjoying myself!

Oh good luck!

Leah said...

I found myself nodding along with every sentence!! I am in the same position - looking for that perfect daytime dress which I see on other woman but can't find in any of the shops I visit!! Next time I see one on someone in the street - I shall have to accost them for more info. I love the colour of the dress you've made. It's a fab pattern - you're very clever. Shame you don't love it.

Baby By The Sea said...

I think it's darling, especially with an apron on it'll look festive and great. But it is so upsetting to make something that comes out different from mind's eye. LOVE the color.