Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye 2011 , Hello 2012

My plan had been to finish the year with a  photo mosaic of the 2011 projects but instead the beautiful weather called for camping, tramping and outdoor fun so I took a blog mini break instead - the mosaic will have to wait.

I haven't got my head around 2012 yet, we have a 5th Birthday to celebrate soon so I've launched into some present making for that.

More to come!

I want it to be memorable without it costing a fortune or being too organised. I'm planning a few fun things for the kids to do but with time just to hang out and play rather than lots of party games.

We've been having a holiday at home, walking a few local tracks, biking and camping - with a little time for crafting and baking too.

Old pin cushion

New Pin cushion ( it was a kit I was given for my birthday in 2010 that I finally made)

and then I got pin cushion inspiration and made this

I had intended to use it myself but instead have put it away for ?? a birthday gift (as it will probably be "borrowed" from my sewing table anyway).

Today we made painted biscuits. I usually make these for xmas but time ran out so why not new year biscuits. We used a plain vanilla dough for the biscuit (cookie in other parts of the world) and natural food colourings mixed with egg yolk that you paint on before baking.

We used to make these as kids and I still love painting them - much easier for small kids than icing them.

Voilà - baked and ready to eat

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