Sunday, 29 January 2012

Moving on

This week we have moved on - the bike trailer has been parked in the garage in favour of biking by herself.  We bought our giant trailer when G was about 1 and it has been used several times a week during warmer months  for the past 4 years- trips to the library , the DVD rental shop, the French bakery for Crossants with coffee and exercise for Mum and Dad while she slept in the trailer.  I'm acutely aware of the changes happening and about to happen - maybe more so because she is an only child?  In two weeks my baby starts school and gone are our leisurely weekday mornings - sleeping late and hanging out at home.

I remember writing about our rythmn being upset when she started Kindy and now it will be 5 days a week school - such a cliche but "they grow up so quick". I know I have lots to do when she's at school but I don't look forward to the settling in period that I know we will both have to get used to. 

Right now we are making the most of beautiful summer days and the slow pace of our day's at home.


Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Awwww. It is hard. And it will be fine.

(As you know from my own post today I can really relate. )


Mat Caird said...

Hard, but exciting too! Thinking of you...Mart xoxo

the stretchies said...

don't you worry girlfriend, I am going to FILL those days of yours with creative juices like never before and it will make it soooooo much easier. and she's going to love school and you're going to love hearing all about it. you're starting the next chapter. but i can relate - went through it - twice!!!! see you soon

Anonymous said...

have removed the ineffective mudguard so now it not only looks serene but it sounds that way too

Baby By The Sea said...

What a big girl. So much celebration in watching them pedal away, but there's a bit of heart ache in there too.