Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Party Gifts

As a rule I don't do party bags, party favors or whatever you wish to call them.  It seems to be a  new thing here and not something I'd ever heard of or had at a party when I was a kid.  I couldn't help myself though and made just a little something for each child.

A matchbox covered in paper with a sticker on it and something little inside.  Georgie and I made a couple for her a few weeks ago and she just loves them . They were very easy to make. I did have good intentions and had planned to make little felt toys to fit in each but I just ran out of making mojo after xmas and the rest of the Birthday gifts and party stuff.

I thought I had photographed the whole lot I made but apparently not - so here were the 2 remaining which have since been delivered to party guests who couldn't make the day.


Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

They are so adorable! Great idea for party gifts. :)

Such a great coincidence that we both made the same felt hamsters! It's a small world. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

This is adorable, and just the right amount of *favor.*
Party favors can get completely out of hand and over the top, and honestly, I call it: 'stuff to clean out from under the car seats.' But these small and thoughtful gifts would be treasured, because they are not overwhelming and typical.