Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Princess Cake

I've been lucky enough to have a very talented friend make our birthday cakes for the last few years (thanks Wendy!) - we are talking AMAZING cakes. Since she is pretty busy now with 3 kids , the youngest still a baby, I thought it was time I tried again .

It was my first try with fondant icing and wasn't too hard, although I only bought one packet so had to roll it really thin to make it last the distance which made it a bit more difficult (and hence the little roses covering up the not so pretty bits - I would have done more but there was literally no icing left)

I made 2 chocolate cakes from an Annabel Langbein recipe - all made in the food processor and is for 2 cakes which I iced together with buttercream icing to get the height. ( actually there were 3 layers to cover the dolls legs - I cut around the edges and used the xs to piece together the top layer)

Next time I will use more icing and roll it thicker, plus trimming the edges would make it a bit neater but everyone, especially the birthday girl was impressed (especially as she gets to keep the doll , I'd resisted buying her one until now - which no doubt makes them more desirable).

I got the idea from a Donna Hay magazine -which had pretty good step by step instuctions.


Wendy said...

You did a fantastic job esp first time using rolled fondant. I love making cakes for g, makes a change from doing boy cakes !

Stitchbird said...

I remembr making a Barbie cake one year and the cake was not tall enough - the solution - cut Barbies legs at about mid calf, then make sure none of the girls saw amputee Barbie.