Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Turning Five - The Princess and the Pea Set

Our daughter turned five today, we had a quiet day with present opening and then the morning playing at home before meeting Dad for lunch in a cafe .  More time at home was then followed with a family dinner complete with a princess cake (post to come). A kids party is planned for this weekend (not princess themed).

On a princess theme I had bought this book:

I'd seen several Princess and the pea sets like this one by  Soule Mama and here on etsy  and here. So a few late night sewing missions ( actually quite a few late nights) and you can now meet the Princess:

She's a little bit special - all her limbs are different sizes - I scaled her down so she could be easily transported but it made her very fiddley to sew. She is loosely based on mmmcrafts little red pattern here, as well as these other little dolls here also on mmmcrafts which I scaled down ( she is 25cm tall) and I gave her long black hair like she has in the book

Every Princess needs day wear, so she has a little pink skirt

And, of course, a long white nightgown

Then there is the dreaded pea!

( complete with a little pocket to keep it safe)

and 12 mattresses

Fine cotton sheets and a pillow

and lastly, no Princess could try to sleep without a pretty quilt

Now you thought it ended here - but NO, my brain had gone into overdrive so
I made a bag to cart the whole lot around in

Complete with some pretty labels I purchased on etsy

I think the French one says something like " you are someone very special to me"

My intention had been a small set that could be taken anywhere but because the only batting I could buy was almost an inch thick it's rather a lot larger than I planned - not that this stopped Georgie taking her out but it's not a child sized little shoulder bag more a hug in your arms full load.  I'm really happy with this set , especially as it's so popular with Georgie - all that effort was definately worthwhile.


Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

This is just ADORABLE! Love all the mattresses! Great great work!

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

Wow! I love this ! I think I will have to get the book and then make a set for my daughter! Do you have the book in the bag too!?
I have pinned this on my Pinterest board! Thanks for sharing! It's delightful!

Crafty Mama said...

Your Princess is adorable!

Old Maid New said...

My, oh, my...you are a crafty girl! I think you did a real tribute to the princess and her pea. Your daughter will cherish it for years!

meg said...

She is so lovely. I made a set for my niece with a doll I bought, but your doll is just so cute. Nice to see your crafty blog.