Monday, 27 February 2012

Clean slate

If you noticed a bloggy absence in the past couple of weeks it's because our world is like this:

This is a picture of about 1/2 our possessions currently stored in our garage, now minus the blue rubbish bags that went out this week.  We are in the midst of a more major redecoration than we planned.  We moved out all our stuff (minus what could be sealed up in the kitchen cupboards) so we could entirely repaint inside the house .  Why move out you ask? - firstly much cheaper if professional decorators doing , secondly much more pleasant living in a neighbours holiday house while ours a big mess and thirdly it gives us the opporutnity for a massive declutter.  But as well as the painters we have ended up using the services of the carpet stretchers , tiler, electrician and concrete grinder - once we were out it was easy to see what needed doing and easy for tradesmen to come in without us living here.

Here is a before ( and messy) picture of our kitchen:

Doesn't look to bad in the photo but you can't see the peeling paint and marks on the wall etc.

Now (don't get too excited - very similar):


Actually it's a little lighter but sorry I took the photo late afternoon, window sills now same colour as walls but satin finish and despite my reservations it actually looks really good.  I had great dilemmas over whether to keep the same parchment colour or go white ( have a thing for Swedish interiors at the moment) but as we like this colour and all our stuff goes decided to keep the same.

We have yet to move back in as are waiting to have carpets cleaned and here I am going through the kitchen cupboards - that blue rubbish bag contains things with exp dates as far back as 2004 (ahem).  Have declared I will try and menu plan in future to avoid this.

We did make a couple of minor changes:
 Georgie gets a pretty pink wardrobe - she's pretty happy about this.  I didn't want a pink wall or room as she already has a pink bed spread and blind and a new pink lightshade on the way.

I love the whole clean slate thing - am determined to have less clutter in our home  - but we are getting new light fittings and today found a funky grey industrial one in the thrift shop for $8 - will take a photo tomorrow - not sure whether it will go over the dining table or in the hall?  I've also bought a beautiful  pink one for Georgies room and a bright orange shade for I think the laundry.  Now just trying to decide on some red enamal ones for my sewing/spare room - yay. Also getting new curtain rails (more subtle than the black ones which were very annoying to pull) with a plan to get or make some new curtains when funds allow.

I've been madly pinning on pinterest and can feel a paint job coming on for my boring dark brown dining chairs too!

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Wendy said...

Theres room next to the window for the plates wallpaper!