Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sewing machine cover

Now my machines sit out all the time I thought they needed dust covers. I'm not sure why I put off making these for so long.  I bought the fabric in about October but xmas and birthday gift making came along and working with laminated fabric seemed to hard.

 Actually it was easy and within an hour I made both covers. The edges don't fray so I didn't bother zigzagging or overlocking them , just turned up the bottom hem.  It was a bit sticky doing the hem, so I stuck scotch tape on the presser foot for that seam and it helped.  The other seams were all done with the laminated sides together so were no problem to sew.

Sorry about the blurry photos - taken at dusk . I would have preferred the  two covers to be different fabric but laminated fabric is expensive and wide so it was much cheaper to make both out of one piece. Slowly I am creating my own craft space.

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becoming claudine said...

How wonderful to be making a space all your own for creating. That is a dream of mine...I've done what I can in our cozy home, but with (almost) four littles, my crafting area also serves as dining room, living room, play space....

The fabric is so sweet!