Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thrift find

Slight diversion from my usual crafty posts but getting enthused about creating a fun new feel for our home. Feeling very pleased with myself over this bargin light for $8 at the Salvation Army shop here:

When you live in a resort town bargins are few and far between. It will need rewiring, I have considered spray painting a different colour but the pale grey is growing on me.

In the not so bargin stakes , these are 2 of the other shades I just ordered:

This pretty shade but in pink colours for G's room, it's white in the day time but  pink when turned on at night

And this funky orange one that I love

The only issue being it only takes an eco bulb equivalent to 25w so will be a bit dim for much other than a hall or possibly a second light in the laundry.

I had my eye on some red ones for my sewing room on trade me but the trader has suddenly put up the price by 30% overnight - a bit rude  considering they were listed about a week ago and due to close soon , mmm now a bit more costly than I want so will have to reconsider those.  I saw a very cool black industrial style french one yesterday(remarkably similar but slightly bigger than my grey one) but at $900 for just the shade that one is well outside what I consider reasonable for a shade, even the amazing  wooden NZ designer ones cost less than that!

Have been back on pinterest and now thinking about painting our fridge and dishwasher in a bright colour or wallpapering them - seriously some cool ones out there - just not sure how they would last with heavy use.

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