Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekend Steam train

To celebrate the 6th birthday of my nephew we had a family trip to ride on a restored steam train - the Kingston Flyer.

It was a one hour return journey to a little station

Every carriage was different and we were able to wander up and down the train after it set off.

  We all thought it was pretty cool and a fun birthday treat
I think the kids will remember it for a while.

There might not be much crafty action here for the next few weeks as we do a complete repaint inside our house ( and a massive declutter to go along with it!).  Hoping to be back in full creative mode in March with a fresh clean and repainted home.

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becoming claudine said...

What a GREAT train -- such fun!

And best as you re-paint and declutter, isn't it such a good feeling to do so?!