Thursday, 15 March 2012


Ok so not a lot of crafting around here at the moment. We are still unpacking - this involves a big sort out so we can hold a garage sale next weekend . Actually mainly my stuff that needs a purge but have found the odd pair of ski's and pack that is surplus.

I feel like we are getting ready for winter, the morning temp has dropped, not quite cold enough for a frost but nearly.  Yesterday we stacked 6 cubic metres of fire wood , and probably still need a few more to get us through winter. Good timing as this morning it is pouring with rain.

So far Georgie's room is the only one that is almost finished - just needs the new lights to go in next week.

We moved the double bed in from the spare room and I put big plastic tubs on rollers under the bed to house some of her toys so we can rotate the ones on display when she needs a change.

I am very tempted to paint some of the furniture but seeing as both the chest of drawers and bed were lovingly hand stripped and sanded to their natural state by myself and Derek a few years ago I am loath to cover them up again!

I do have a new ikea kitchen stool that I am going to paint soon so will see how that goes first.


becoming claudine said...

Wow -- what wonderful work you have been doing in the house -- fantastic that you got to "move out" as a way to completely de-clutter. I find that when decluttering happens around here that there seems to be such a better vibe all around!

Bravo to you!

Mat Caird said...

Looking awesome Lisa!