Monday, 23 April 2012

KCWC April 2012- sewing for kids

This week is Kids clothes week challenge  - a sewing challenge organised by Elsie Marley
The idea is that this week you sew kids clothes for an hour a day.  I have a few things on my hit list I'm going to make.  Tonight I did pattern cutting and sizing, tomorrow I plan to do some cutting - these are my least favourite parts of sewing. Compounded by the fact that kids keep growing so I need to keep cutting new patterns.

On my list is 2 pairs of quick change trousers for a friends kids as the ones I made below are almost outgrown:

Another pair of Dortje pants  like the ones below for Georgie as sadly last years are too small

I also want to make this little tunic top for Georgie to wear over tights and a longsleeve merino in winter and hopefully it will still fit with tights under it next summer if I make it long enough

Last year  along with the Dortje pants above I made an Oliver and S little red riding hood cape here and knot shorts here.  Might be a bit ambitious making 4 garments in a week , even 2 would be good - will keep you posted.

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