Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Getting organised

Last weekend we moved a new cupboard into our spare/my sewing room.  Previously I stored my fabric in plastic boxes in various closets and in a chest of drawers - it drove me insane having to rake through boxes when I wanted something .  Now I have a new space that is much better and I can store all my sewing stuff in one space - yeh.
I did find that I had mutiples of some things - like 6 tape measures! I also found lots of fabric and notions I had forgotten I owned.

At the moment I have just folded and stacked all the fabric in the shelves but may get some plastic card to make mini bolts?  I have heard that fading is an issue when stored in shelves like this although my cupboard is on the shady side of the house away from a window.  So much easier to find things and keep tidy now everything is in one place.  Mind you, what you can't see are the boxes of stuff piled on the bed  waiting for a home.  Since we moved back in I seem to have boxes of stuff in every corner - especially old slides waiting to be sorted and scanned - mmm a not so exciting task.

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Baby By The Sea said...

That is pure bliss right there. I'd kill for that. Thanks for you kind words on my last piece -- it means a lot. Have a lovely weekend.