Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pinterest challenge

I've set myself a little challenge.  To make one thing a week inspired by my pinterest boards.  I've felt like I have spent way too much time looking rather than making - so for the next couple of months I'm going to make a few of these items.

Week 1: Spray painted jar lids

My pinterest board has this lovely silver set by Helena at craftandcreativity

Pinned Image

For mine I used a small can of red model paint that was in the shed.  Actually they are a little light on paint and probably needed a few more coats but I had run out of paint.  I love these silver ones by Helena so intend to get some metallic paint next time.

Want to join in on a pinterest making challenge? Add a link to your blog in the comments.  I plan to post once a week on a Monday (or if a bit late like today - Tuesday)


The Hobbit said...

I have several mantras. One is I will not do Pintrest.......I repeat this over and over till I get the message.The main reason being I love everything I see or I think I can tweak it to suit my needs,and you guessed it, I get none of it done.My will power is so weak in this area....thank goodness I have friends like you to help me work around this tough set of rules that I have created.Good pan to commit to 1 at a time Love the covers......maybe I'll give that a try....See what I mean?

Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

They look great in red! :)

I can recommend the metallic paint, I only had to do one coating.

Thanks for the link! I'm so happy to have inspired you!