Monday, 4 June 2012

Handmade in Wellington

We got home this morning after a fantastic weekend in Wellington. Georgie and Derek checked out the zoo, Te Papa and a few local playgrounds while I got to take in 6 classes at handmade 2012.

I went to a real mix of classes - all of which were 2 hours long.  I tried to do things that did not require me lugging too much stuff with us to Wellington on the plane and also things that were a bit new to me.

My first class was on oriental book binding by Jan Jiang, I totally loved this class and can see me doing this at home as it was quick easy and you don't need any special tools .

I also did her chinese paper cutting course which was really fun and easy too. Highly recommend both of these if you go next year.

I couldn't help myself and did do a couple of sewing ones
fabric baskets

These were super easy and would make great gifts

I also did a hand stitching class and while the skills were nothing new to me - I really enjoyed this class -Katy from Threadmark has the most amazing tiny and neat stitches I have every seen and her blog is now one of my new favourites - she makes amazing birds and lots of other stuff in felt.
Here was the little bird I made in her class

(actually I finished him at home this evening with just a few more little spots but it was too dark to get a good photo)

I went to a class called illuminated native flowers and made this little pohutukawa brooch which has a battery in the back so lights up!

Cool idea but think mine will end up on the xmas tree

The last class was soap making - no pictures as the soap is curing in a paper coffee cup mould  ( ie not that pretty at the moment).  I like the idea of making my own soap and actually was really easy - just need to buy some supplies so I may do this when it's a bit warmer as I can see it being a bit messy and I might so it outside.

Making by hand makes me happy, very satisfying coming away with 6 finished projects after 2 days .  I also checked out the fabulous new  shop Stitchbird has opened in Wellington - I seriously could have gone home with any of the fabric she had in stock and been happy. Check out her website and it is even better in the real ( and I did come home with fabric - like I need more!)

Handmade 2013 is apparently in the planning - well worth going to so keep an eye out in the coming months  ( see Handmade 2012)


Leah said...

Wow you've had a fabulous weekend haven't you! Your creations look fabulous. I agree with you about Stitchbird! I could go crazy in that store. Worse still, I live only 5 minutes away so it's very, very hard to stop popping in.

Have a fab week,

Baby By The Sea said...

paper cutting. i'm obsessed. it's like a shadow I can carry. well done. awesome pieces.