Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Easy top

The warm weather inspired me to go looking for some new summer tops.  I liked some simple designer ones - but not the prices - so I went home and had a go at making something similar with some fabric from my stash.

basically it is one piece of fabric folded in half
A scoop cut out for the neck and the sides curved down to the waist and then gathered onto an elastic band.  I used the overlocker and did a rolled hem using three threads for all the edges - all up took less than 30 minutes to make.  The width at maximum measured elbow to elbow with my arms stretched out , I think it just needs to be nice soft drapey fabric to work. ( might have to try making one in a knit)
This was version one - using some very retro satin I had in my stash - not sure what I actually bought it for.  Not so sure about this one - the neck is a bit wide and the arms a little short - not to mention having hesitations about the fabric!

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