Monday, 27 August 2012

Little Things

Little red riding hood  was intended for a new crafty venture but as soon as she started to take form I knew she wouldn't be leaving our house.
Georgie has a passion for little things and Little Red is just 7cm tall so she has taken up residence with the Polly Pockets and is now awaiting the arrival of her house, a forest ( actually a single tree) and of course - a wolf.
Some other small things sent to me by the very kind Katy of Threadmark arrived on Friday.
She made me these very beautiful birds as a surprise present
I plan hang them as a mobile.  My photo doesn't do them justice - the stitching is so tiny and perfect it is hard to believe she makes them all by hand. 
Check out her blog ( link above). Katy makes some amazing things in felt.

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