Thursday, 16 August 2012

The tea towel skirt

Georgie has been asking me for the past few weeks to sew.  While I was in Wellington a few months ago I picked up a mini Elna sewing machine for her.  It is super light weight and has just straight stitch and zigzag , the controls and pedal are all smaller than mine - perfect for little hands and feet.
She chose 2 tea towels she liked and we made a simple skirt.

She did most of the straight seams, to be honest her concentration span lasted the side seams only so I did the waist band and hem for her. I made the elastic only in the back as she finds that more comfortable.

She also wanted a small cat embroidery on it which she found in the ribbon box, doesn't really go but it is her skirt so on it went.

I asked her to strike a pose to show me her skirt, and she did this - bit hard to actually see the skirt so she obliged with one more photo.


Catherine said...

Adding the cat is so cute - indeed she is the one wearing it! Totally what my youngest would do. This what I love about kids.

Jacqui Miyabayashi said...

Wow! My son Noah is taking sewing at school now, maybe a little sewing machine would be a fun thing for us to get. How clever she is and just adorable.