Friday, 5 October 2012


It was hot ,sunny, I didn't have to cook any meals and we did lots of swimming.
We went to Queensland Australia.

Georgie spent hours playing in the sand and had a fantastic time .
She was delighted too when our luggage didn't arrive with us and the only swim suit in the resort shop that fitted her was a bikini.
I have to say thought - I'm not a resort sort of gal - I grew up camping by lakes and the whole buffet breakfast with 800 people eating in the dining room each morning was just not me.Neither is just lounging by the pool, but it was partly a work related trip for me so the holiday add on was a bonus. It does have it's good points - Georgie found lots of kids to play with her age and it was easy holidaying with just one parent there.
We got to do a bit of exploring too and went to a couple of wild life parks:

We even got to have a photo holding a baby crocodile
(only hardcopy so no photo here sorry, so here is one of G holding a pink Koala)
Now we are home, school holidays, poor G has a temp and cough so we are lying low at home, doing some craft and sewing - more to come.

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