Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I made a Hoodie

A Hoodie for Georgie has been on my list for a while.  Nice stretch fabric is really hard to get where I live so I had stashed an old adult hoodie I had thrifted and an old pair of Georgie's tights to make it with.

I couldn't find a pattern so decided to risk it and draft my own off one of the old ones we had.
Lier over here at Ikatbag has made some amazing hoodies for her girls and has some good instuctions as well so I used these.  She lined her versions so I had to wing it and work out how to put the zip in and make it look ok. 

Actually it turned out to be pretty straight forward to make, but Note to Self : striped stretch fabric is not the best choice for people new to stretch sewing.  I unpicked that zip three ( three!) times and those pockets still don't line up. I'm pretty please with myself for making this but don't look too closely if you are a perfectionist.  I really strugged with that zip so took pictures and will put together a tutorial. ( Blogging equivalent of community service - in return for all those bloggers whose tutorials I have used when sewing).

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