Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Demanding Seamstress

"Can we sew today?"
Translation: I want you to make me something, I will give directions which will be very specific and then I will change my mind several times during the process. Oh and I will want to use some fabric from your stash that is very special -mmm maybe that liberty .

Georgie had been asking for several weeks for a roll up case for her tiniest pet shop toys, I said " yes  tomorrow, I promise" on Saturday evening, then my older sister called to organise lunch at her place with my younger sister and all the  kids the next day. So here I was Sunday morning - not really in the mood to sew let alone be directed , and making this toy case.

She wanted the pockets to be different coloured and small -  an argument ensued as if I made them as small as she wanted the toys wouldn't fit.  Then she wanted a grey path and the girl on it.  The list went on - finally I put my foot down and we ended up with this little case.

Bit wrinkled sorry, had to pry it out of her hands to take the picture.
There comes a time when small seamstresses need to learn to sew for themselves, this time is coming I think!

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